Dog Training in Markham Who is Dog trainer? He is like a bridge, a link between an owner and a dog. My name is Alik. I studied in the K9 Police School in Russia. I then worked as a dog trainer-instructor in police and customs dog training schools. I had also been invited to the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe as a consultant. During my career, I have had an opportunity to work with international experts from France, Austria, Russia, Latvia, Canada, and participate in various international championships.
Since 1999, I was engaged in professional training of dogs and preparation of dog handlers. Training of service dogs on various kinds of service was first part of my activity.

The second and even more challenging one was training of dogs of private owners. Surprises of domestic dogs sometimes require original solution. Reasons lie behind a variety of breeds, different conditions of training, feeding, grooming and mainly, individual “education” of owners. The owner often has difficulty to understand his/her dog and mutual relations worsen, as a result.
The main task of the Dog trainer is to teach both an owner and a dog on ‘speaking’ on the same language. The Dog trainer has to create a harmony between an Owner and a Dog. Even a usual joint walk should be a pleasure. As a result, an owner and a dog get to know each other much better. The Dog Trainer influences a dog part of a time, and the Owner influences one’s dog almost all the time. Therefore the important part of training is the understanding requirements of the Dog trainer. Dog Training in Markham

There are some general reasons why owners of dogs get the Dog Trainer.
  1. Intention to make a correct choice and not to be mistaken at purchase of a puppy.
  2. Desire to “educate the student” before difficulties and discomfort in the maintenance and management of a dog.
  3. Desire to correct problems in the behaviour of a dog.
  4. There is just nobody to have a walk.

The technique of training is based on interest of a dog to execute any commands and on good contact with the owner. There are no roughness and violence over a dog in the course of training. How you can identify it? It is simple. A dog will not work with the person who roughly concerns it. And if you can make a dog interested, you will see what wonderful changes will occur in front of your eyes.
Once having passed a course of training, you will learn secrets of training and can independently apply your knowledge in management of your pet.
Dog is your friend and a member of your family. If you do wish to have a friend who can understand you, please act now.

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